BRAIN Initiative Data Archives

The BRAIN Initiative has established several data archives to store and make available data being generated by BRAIN Initiative investigators. Each archive is focused on a different data modality. The Brain Image Library (BIL) is the designated repository for light/optical microscopy data.

The BRAIN Initiative Data Archives and their focus is outlined in the table below:

Data Type Archive Website
Optical microscopy Brain Image Library (BIL)
Multi-omics Neuroscience Multi-Omic Data Archive (NeMO)
Invasive device Data Archive for the Brain Initiative (DABI)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging OpenNeuro
Positron Emission Tomography OpenNeuroPet
Electron microscopy and X-ray Microtomography Block and Object Storage Service & Database(BossDB)
Cellular neurophysiology Distributed Archives for Neurophysiology DataIntegration (DANDI)
Human EEG and MEG Neuroelectromagnetic Data Archive and ToolsResource (NEMAR)