BIL at Neuroscience 2023

The Brain Image Library will be at Neuroscience 2023 in Washington D.C. Come and visit us at booth 3527.

Sunday, November 12– Wednesday, November 15
Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

The team will be showing the latest developments at BIL including:

BIL Image Explorer

Visualize multi-terabyte BIL datasets with a single click at

  • Supported data types can be visualized with a single click using Neuroglancer.
  • Seamless browsing through hundreds of individual full resolution datasets at BIL.
  • Users can visualize arbitrarily large datasets even on a smartphone, at a speed of mobile internet, without registration or downloading data.

BIL Metadata API (beta)

Easily search thousands of BIL datasets using the web portal at

  • BIL provides both a metadata API and web portal that uses the API to search and return metadata and links to datasets in BIL.
  • The metadata API is extremely flexible and capable of searching full-text or individual metadata fields.
  • The API has two primary user-facing endpoints:
    • query - the query endpoint will query the system and return a json document with matching entry. Queries use GET formatted URLs, which can be pasted in a web browser, utilized at the command-line through tools such as curl, or called programmatically. Query URLs take the form of:
    • retrieve - the retrieve endpoint will return the metadata as a json document for the given ids. Retrieve queries can be either GET formatted urls (for retrieving metadata for a single entry) or a POST request with a json payload. The json payload may be the results of an earlier query. The basic forms of the retrieve GET url are:
      /retrieve?bildid=the_desired_id_to_retreive_metadata_for. For example: